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Laura Lovell-Anderson is an interdisciplinary educator and researcher of experiential and life-centred methodologies in industrial design. At the intersection of design, technology, and humanities, they blend sustainable materials and lifecycle practices with intellectual property and systems knowledge to realise responsible design innovation at meaningful intervention scales and contexts.


Their research highlights include the industrial design and intellectual property development of patented medical-grade PPE for surgical applications that were mass-manufactured through an agile microfactory model during the COVID-19 pandemic. Laura has held significant roles in higher education and academic leadership for more than 12 years across four universities in three countries, where they are currently the Course Leader of BA (Hons) User Experience Design at the University of the Arts London. Concurrently, Laura is the co-principal investigator of ‘Robotic Manipulation of Clay’, a project supported by a Canada Council for the Arts ‘Arts Abroad Residency' grant to support an International Artist-in-Residence at the European Ceramic Workcentre (EKWC) Research Centre for Ceramics.


Previously, Laura was a resident and co-principal investigator at the Autodesk Technology Centre in Toronto for the research study, ‘Robotic Incremental Forming of Structural Profiles’, and co-principal investigator of an education-focused Future Skills Centre’s Shock-proofing the Future of Work grant, 'The Autonomous Microfactory’: Skills Development Training Program at Toronto Metropolitan University. Laura's recent publications include 'Transforming interior volumes: volume + surface + mass', 'Urban Morphology Phenomena: Post-Industrial Urban Landscapes', and 'Materializing the Digital Realm: Textile of the Modern Age'Their recent creative scholarship utilises collaborative and industrial robotics in material explorations, including ‘Vaisseau’ and ‘noumenon (optical semblance)’, which were exhibited at LUMAS Art Gallery, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, and on S4E3 of ‘Kim’s Convenience’. 

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